About Us

BioFuse™ is a new RF tissue sealing and welding technology.

Using transformative technology which is proven in Europe in 1000’s of cases, this surgical innovation replaces traditional methods of sutures, staples and electrosurgical vessel sealing.

BioFuse Technology

Can address a broad range of clinical applications in many disciplines

Has a robust pipeline of products in various stages of development

Already has an FDA 510k clearance for vessel sealing, solid IP protection, patents pending, and a vast arsenal of trade secrets

Market Data

This technology is serving a large and growing target market of $3 billion. Market Data indicates a strong and growing demand for advanced, innovative devices that facilitate evolving surgical procedural techniques and vastly improve patient outcomes. Surgeons are looking for the new solutions, the new technology that will eliminate scars and lower infection rates.

There is also an increased demand to replace or monitor staples that are under recall. An FDA report from March 2019 indicated 41,000 ‘adverse event reports’ for staplers from 2011 – 2018. There is also a continued focus on MIS to reduce hospital stays and thereby reduce hospital costs for the patients.

The Technology Solution

Biofuse Technology addresses the clinical challenges that surgeons face by delivering sophisticated, advanced algorithm-controlled energy to surgical instruments.

The technology promotes

Leak Proof continuous tissue to tissue connection

Revascularization to improve blood flow

Technology Lowers OR Time


BioFuse Medical Technologies, Inc.
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