The Technology

Open Sealing Results
Open Sealing Forceps
Open Sealing Forceps
Tissue Sealing

Used in virtually all open surgical procedures.

CTT Technology™ Controlled Tissue Temperature minimizes charring & sticking.

Sealing Arteries up to 7mm in diameter.

Tissue Sealing

Performance equal to or better than market leader.

Higher Burst Pressures

Less Thermal Spread

Programable life (1-3 uses)

Less Tissue Sticking

Automatic Cycle Shut-off


Tissue Welding

This transformative surgical innovation is replacing sutures & staples.

Biofuse Welding has many unique advantages:

BioFuse welding is 2x to 3x stronger than staples

Technology lowers OR time

Rapid revascularization (blood flow across tissue boundaries)

Leak proof (vs. staples/sutures leakage)

Decreases potential for costly second surgeries

Traditional Staples

Staples could cause gaps, leakage and foreign bodies

BioFuse Technology

Used in Europe, not yet FDA approved/cleared.

Not for sale in the USA

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