The Biofuse Team

Michael Adler

Michael Adler

VP Business Development

  • Accomplished Medical / Surgical device sales management & business development
  • Track record of Startup Development Strategic Planning | KOL’s
  • Olympus | Medtronic
Rick Earley

Rick Earley

Board Director

  • Founder & former CEO MetPro Group.
  • Former shareholder Floeter Retort pouches, Acq by ProAmpac.
  • Major Investor Biofuse

Gary Henley

Chairman Board of Directors and President of BioFuse Medical Technologies

  • Former CEO & President of Wright Medical Group.
  • Past President & CEO of United Orthopedic Group.
Guy Hoagland

Guy Hoagland

Board Director

  • Medical Doctor with certifications in Internal & Geriatric Medicine.
  • Has served as Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of Southern Care, Inc bringing in to the top 5 hospice providers in the nation.

The Biofuse Advisory Board

Frank D’Amelio

Advisory Board Chair

  • Previous Positions:
  • CEO, Epica International
  • President, Live Tissue Connect, Inc.
  • Executive VP, CTO, Gyrus Plc
  • Chief Manufacturing Officer, ACMI

Albert Juergens

Chief Technical Advisor

Extensive Background in medical product development.

Experience in the development of electrosurgical generators. 

Holds 7 patents including two in electrosurgical generators.

Technical expertise includes electronic hardware, software, and firmware as well as mechanical and optical systems designs, all while navigating governmental regulatory requirements. 

BioFuse Medical Technologies, Inc.
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