MELBOURNE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 18, 2023 / BioFuse Medical Technologies, Inc., a pioneering medical technology company, is proud to announce that Dr. Neil Hyman, Chief of Colorectal Surgery and Professor of Surgery at the University of Chicago, has been appointed to the BioFuse Clinical Advisory board as a Senior Clinical Advisor.

Dr. Hyman is a highly respected surgeon and researcher with extensive experience in colorectal surgery and medical device assessment.  One of his passions and long-standing research interests is to help find a solution to anastomotic leaks. This situation creates dire effects for patients, Healthcare Systems, and surgeons. His expertise will be invaluable in advancing BioFuse Medical Technologies’ revolutionary welding technology, which is designed to improve surgical procedures and reduce the risks and costs of complications.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Hyman join our Clinical Advisory Board, as a Senior Clinical Advisor” said Scott Sanders, President of BioFuse Medical Technologies. “His expertise in colorectal surgery and medical device development will be instrumental in helping us advance our welding technology and develop new clinically specific solutions for surgery.”

Dr. Hyman is pleased to join BioFuse Medical Technologies’ Clinical Advisory Board, stating, “I look forward to joining the Clinical Advisory Board of BioFuse Medical Technologies. I believe that the company’s welding technology has the potential to improve patient outcomes, and I look forward to contributing my expertise to this important mission.”

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About BioFuse Medical Technologies, Inc.

BioFuse Medical Technologies’ first product offering, SurgiFuse® is a new RF tissue sealing and welding technology. Using transformative technology, this surgical innovation replaces traditional methods of sutures, staples, and electrosurgical vessel sealing. SurgiFuse® is a platform technology that can address a broad range of clinical applications, includes a robust pipeline of products in various stages of development, solid IP protection and trade secrets.

SurgiFuse® is an advanced high-frequency electrosurgical system that incorporates a unique and proprietary way of controlling and delivering energy to and through the target tissue. In studies, SurgiFuse® tissue fusion has been shown to be stronger than mechanical closure, creates a continuous seam in the tissue, and leaves no foreign bodies behind. SurgiFuse® encompasses the proprietary use of low voltages and high currents, optimized specifically for the tissue to be fused. In addition, energy output to the tissue occurs in pulses. These computer-controlled energy pulses create optimal temperatures that unravel large molecules in the tissue and as these molecules cool, they become intertwined and create a fusion.

This technology will serve a large and growing target market of $3 billion. Market data indicates a strong and growing demand for advanced, innovative devices that facilitate evolving surgical procedural techniques and vastly improved patient outcomes. Surgeons are looking for new technology that will eliminate scars and lower leakage and infection rates.

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